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James and the company, Nebraska.

July 2017

We got acquainted with the head of the Club 5 years ago and during this time we together with him and separately on his recommendation have visited many cities and everywhere we were received as dear guests with respect to the best hotels each had its own separate tour room to choose from the chic food with local cuisine all at the expense of the casino, In July 2013 visited once again the beautiful city as in the picture, modern rooms with sea views very good cuisine with a large selection of dishes, visited the famous caves in Slovenia is something incredible it should be seen with their own eyes as the eighth wonder of the world, still visited the Knight’s Castle there went to the village wedding watched their customs dancing tasted the local village wine and local cuisine impressions for the whole year, In the casino went in the evening a huge casino with a century-long history of friendly staff delicious cuisine can have a great time and get a portion of andrenaline, and there who as luck would, in general we liked everything, but you have to fulfill all conditions of the contract ie play at least 4 hours a day at a rate of at least 25 u, e when playing poker.

Jessica and Paul.

November 15, 2017

Los Angeles is truly Paradise’s representation on earth! The vacation was very enjoyable. While my husband was driving around in the casino, I was happy to enjoy all the delights of what the organizers gave! We’d love to go to another NG meeting. . . Going to the beach, swimming with dolphins, and waterfalls 50 meters is something! Thank you!


20 October 2015

I knew that Switzerland is beautiful, but that Lugano, her gem, learned with her husband after visiting the casino tour with the Money Lovers Club. The tour lasted 2 weeks and everything went as one day. We thought a lot of 4 hours a day to play at the casino… But the festive, beautiful and rich environment does not leave indifferent and we sometimes did not notice how we sat until morning. … Casino 3 floors, music, excellent cuisine friendly dealers … Hotel with a magnificent view of Lake Lugano … Husband was worried that not everywhere you can smoke, but I was comfortable!!!! We were accompanied by a representative of the casino former model Tatiana all 2 weeks … Excursions magnificent Mini-Sweden, were still 950 meters above sea level, etc.! Thank you for the vivid emotions and impressions!!!In a month we will fly with you to Spain!!!!


5 October 2015

Good club organization. We were in Northern Cyprus with my husband. Except that the Mercedes driver who met us was 30 minutes late. Everything else was 100%. Great room with sea views, beautiful beach, swimming pools. The casino has everything but Russian poker. But the Russian promises to open too. I was playing roulette and slot machine, and my husband was playing poker and blackjack. I loved everything. We’ll definitely fly to the Iglesias concert on October 16th… Thank you.


03 August 2012

We were on a junket tour with a club of crazy money… Well done guys what they came up with… If our fucking state doesn’t understand that a person should always have a chance for luck and adrenaline release… And with your tour we’re like a god behind the sinus, and fed and stuffed and the hotel is great with a Jacuzzi… My girlfriend was not the seventh heaven…


20 June 2012

Very not a bad idea to take players out for weekends and not only … All the time it seemed that there is some catch on the part of the organizers (so used to that free cheese only in a mousetrap), but it turned out everything was as written on the site. ..Without investing a dime, my friend and I got everything that the organizers promised us…We were in Minsk from Thursday to Sunday…at the new casino in the casino Belaya Vezha…We liked everything….