FAQ – casino tour organization questions

Are you planning a casino or junket tour?

We are pleased to offer you the best casinos and hotels in the world in 39 countries. Our players travel for free!

We will organize a casino tour with all your wishes, excursions and entertainment.
When choosing a junket tour, you send us your wishes. We will contact you to clarify the details.

Upon arrival at the airport you will be met by a representative of the “club lovers of stray money” and will accompany you throughout the tour.

What does the Club of Money Lovers offer?

The company “Morrisonhouse.ca” has been organizing casinos and junket tours for 18 years. During the work we have studied most of the famous casinos in the world and selected institutions with the best conditions. The program of tours is compiled with special care, taking into account the peculiarities of seasonal entertainment to ensure that the trip coincides with the most interesting period of stay in the country. Thanks to janket tours most clients not only realized their dream and saw the best casinos, but also got acquainted with the culture and sights of new countries, visited a carnival or an ethnic holiday.

What kind of deposit should I make?

Our casino tours start at a fairly low deposit level (from $3,000), which varies depending on the casino. The required deposit levels will be specified in the details of the contract.

How long do I have to play?

Each casino that we represent has its own rules and restrictions, on average, players must spend at least 4 hours at the tables or gaming machines with the agreed minimum betting level.

What happens if I spend my deposit before playing the agreed number of hours?

We hope this does not happen, but if you do lose your money, all expenses will be paid and no further play is required. However, if you decide to make a new deposit, all betting restrictions will be cancelled and you can play as you wish.

What happens if I do not play the required minimum game?

Even if a player fails to meet the required minimum, he still wins by paying the lowest prices. In this case, the player will get an excellent holiday at the lowest market prices. Or the casino notifies the player through a representative junkie that he should play more. This is not a common casino ultimatum, as players know all the requirements before they book a trip.

Where do you advise to go and play?

Our main list of destinations can be found on the home page. Sometimes we add new destinations, but only after we visit and check the hotels, casinos and the quality of service in person.

Why junket?

Many foreign casinos now offer junket tours in order to attract decent players. If you have a choice of a free lunch at your local clandestine gaming club or a free tour to any country in the world where the casino takes care of all your travel expenses, what would you choose? If you have already decided to play, why not take a free tour.