Junket tour – a new dimension of recreation with a gambling component

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Junket tour – a professionally planned vacation in the casino, which includes not only gambling, but also a comfortable transfer, luxury accommodation, food and even excursions. Some casino tours may even include a spa and beauty treatments.

Junket tours were designed so that people could visit a variety of gambling establishments, without thinking about how to get there, where to stay and eat. Recently, all gaming activity in most countries, to a large extent, is constrained by law and geographical regulations.

Today there are hundreds of different junket tours to all gambling zones on our planet. Although there was such a pleasure a few decades ago and enjoys well-deserved popularity in the U.S. and Europe, we have it spread just a few years ago.

A huge plus of the junket is that everything is already included in the tour, and the player does not have to worry about any aspects of rest. You can fully devote yourself to the game and entertainment, enjoying your vacation in a beautiful place, visiting tours and making massages. In this case, you do not need to spend a penny on top of the amount paid under the contract.

Somewhere there is a ban on gambling, and somewhere you can play, only in strictly designated places. And, based on this, the majority of passionate players, there is no other option but to visit the casino, which is nearby.

Gaming halls that seek to attract many players, provide such services to their guests. This type of tours for casinos, targeted activities are kept at an appropriate level, in addition to the additional profit. A brilliant example of this situation is the playgrounds of Belarus. In the country gambling has good support from the state, but unfortunately there are not enough players who are willing to spend large sums of money. It is because of this, the casino of Belarus, helps people who live in other countries, come to play in local gaming complexes.

The contract junket tour

Everything that a player receives during a casino tour is necessarily prescribed in the contract. This document accurately describes the type of transfer, place of residence, meal format and all services provided by the organizer.

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But the contract also prescribes the requirements for the traveler. Since we are talking about a visit to the casino, prescribe the rules of the visit, rates and other aspects that allow the gambling house to make the organization of junket tours breakeven.

In essence, a casino tour is a full-fledged all-inclusive tourist tour, but with much more opportunities. Casinos today are in the most picturesque areas: by the sea and near the mountains. Therefore, choosing a gambling vacation, it is easy to turn it also in the sea, in the active or excursion.

Do not forget about the financial benefits of junket tours. If you buy tickets for the plane yourself, order a hotel and excursions, and just visit the casino, the cost will be at least 2 times higher, and often 3 times.

The player, buying a junket tour, bears a number of obligations to the game institution. First of all, a contract is concluded between the game institution and the guest. According to which, the player must spend a specified amount. All funds must be entered into the game. Let’s give a clear example, a player who signed up for the tour, the requirement of which is an amount equal to forty thousand dollars. Upon arrival at a gambling establishment, the player exchanges this amount for playing chips. While in the club, he does not make big bets, as a result of which, spends only five thousand of the forty. For the next day, the player asks to take it back, as a result he receives travel, accommodation and other services due to failure to fulfill obligations to the gambling establishment. The second example, when a player arrives at a gambling establishment, which put forward the requirements of fifteen thousand dollars. Changing money for chips, arrived, starts the game, marking the colors for the full amount. In three games, he puts, for example, five thousand, and whether they win or not, it does not matter. Is it important that the player has bet the amount required of him, which indicates that the obligations to the game institution.

Who pays for the road?

The guest’s way to the casino is paid by the organizer by default. Only if the client wishes to get there himself, the transfer will not be included in the contract.

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No matter how far the participants of the junket tour are from the gambling establishment, the road will be paid by the organizer. If there will be an international flight, you can even choose the most convenient flight from the offered ones. At the airport, guests will be met by car and delivered to their place of residence.
Short junket tours, such as weekend tours, which are going to players from neighboring cities, most often offer travelers a trip on a comfortable bus. If a guest prefers an individual transfer, they will be picked up by car and then delivered back.

In European countries and in Japan, where there is a developed railway network, players are offered to travel in secluded compartments.

VIP clients can afford maximum luxury, such as a helicopter flight. Naturally, this happens in the individual formation of the tour and an impressive budget.

Where does the player live?

Providing the guest with comfortable accommodation during the janket tour is one of the most important conditions. Therefore, the casino most often accommodates tourists in their own rooms. If a gambling establishment is small and does not have a hotel, apartments are booked at the nearest hotel. Along with accommodation is provided and meals.

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VIP guests have access to any whims, such as renting a luxury penthouse or country mansion with the necessary amenities.

What is written in the contract?

Since the casino provides players with maximum luxury and comfort to recoup this generosity, the rules of the game must be followed in return:

  • Really play the casino: the documents specify the mandatory number of hours to be spent in the halls;
  • Play certain games: the contract may specify the number of bets to be placed on specific tables or machines;
  • To place bets within a given range: the casino indicates the minimum and maximum that must not be broken;
  • Place a certain amount during a tour: it fits exactly into the contract.
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To ensure that players on their part do not violate the terms of the contract, the casino requires the opening of a deposit with a mandatory amount of bets in the account. From this account will only be able to play at the casino. If the guest decides not to comply with the terms, the amount will be frozen, and at the end of the tour will be written off. This is to protect the institution from fraudsters who want to “for free” to live in a luxurious environment and enjoy free entertainment.

If luck smiled during the game, it is convenient to deposit the winnings. The account can be closed immediately after the end of the tour.