Junket Tour: Casino vacation for gamblers


Anyone who is passionate about gambling must have heard of such a concept as a junket tour or casino tour. It is a kind of cultural and entertaining tourist program, but with a mandatory visit to the casino. The service became widespread in Russia after the actual ban on gambling business and transfer of casinos to specially designated zones.

As a rule, the junket tour is organized by the casino itself or by a third party, for example, a travel company at the expense of a gambling establishment. This is a popular program to attract customers, which is beneficial and convenient for both casinos and players.

A contract is signed with the client. It prescribes all mandatory conditions. The trip itself, as well as accommodation and meals are paid by the gambling establishment. Very convenient, isn’t it? And if you take into account the fact that the usefulness of gambling for psychological relaxation and as a training for the brain confirmed by medical research, junket tour can be called a useful holiday.
A little bit about the history of the junket tours.

The word “junket” is of English origin, literally translated as “entertainment trip at public expense”. In Britain, junket has long been called any entertainment trip, travel and holidays. In the USA this notion is used for picnics, parties and business trips of non-working character at the expense of employer.

Later jankets started to be called thematic entertainment tours, which are organized by the host party. They began to include trips to football matches, other sporting events, rock concerts, festivals, exhibitions, etc. The main condition – tickets to the place of destination, transfer, accommodation and meals are assumed by the organizer. But still, most often the junket tour means a trip to a casino or poker tournament.

Casino tour, as junkettes are often called, is not a new idea. Such tours have been organized for decades. Originally all players wanted to get to Las Vegas and Monte Carlo, but today casino tours in Belarus, Georgia and Armenia have become no less popular.

Gambling establishments are prohibited in many countries, especially in the Muslim world, where many wealthy gamblers. For connoisseurs of live games and travel junket tours are a great opportunity to visit casinos around the world.

Casino tour: key features of gambling trips

The attractiveness of casino tours for gamblers is that the organizational costs associated with the trip are borne by the host party. Depending on the level of the event junket tour may involve payment not only for travel, accommodation and meals, but also excursion and even spa programs.

In turn, the participant is required to fully comply with the terms of the contract. Different tours may have different conditions, but the general provisions are the same: you need to buy chips for the amount specified in the contract, play at the casino at a specified time, betting in a specific range. In fact, the client lives on the terms of “all inclusive” and does not spend money on anything but play.

Now let’s focus on the main responsibilities of the tour organizer:

  • ensuring the flight (fare);
  • accommodation organization;
  • visiting a gambling establishment.

Let us stop briefly at each of these points to understand what to expect the player.
Provision of flight (travel)

Depending on how far away the casino is from the client’s place of residence, different ways of travelling may be offered:

  • air travel –
    the choice of a carrier company and the payment of tickets by the tour organizer, as well as providing transfer from the airport to the place of residence;
  • train travel –
    often used in Japan and Europe, where there is a well-developed railway network;
  • car/bus ride –
    by agreement, customers can pick up directly from home or work and deliver directly to the casino.

Transport comfort depends on the level of the event, but as a rule, a junket tour involves the use of vehicles of higher comfort.
Junket tour: accommodation organization

Most often, casino guests are booked near a gambling establishment. But at the request of the participant of the tour organizers can rent individual apartments in the city or a private house in the suburbs. Naturally, the comfort of accommodation directly depends on the terms of the contract, that is, the amount that the client is ready to let the game.

Visit to a gambling establishment

The client can visit the casino as many times as he wants. But the number of hours of play should not be less than the number provided in the contract. The exchange (money exchanged for chips) and the bets (money that is in circulation at the casino) must also comply with the terms of the contract for the junket tour.
Casino tour: more details about the basic terms of the contract.

Going to the casino tour, the client enters into a contract with an operator, the main points of which are as follows:

  • The participant must exchange a specific amount of money for chips;
  • it is necessary to play in the casino certain bets for a specified amount of money in each game;
  • the number of hours spent in the casino gaming rooms must not be less than the number of hours specified in the contract.

Another point that may be stipulated by the conditions of the casino tour is opening a deposit in the gambling house planned for the visit. This is done to confirm the solvency of the client. If he does not fulfill his obligations under the contract, the money spent on the organization of the tour for him will be deducted from this account. This is how the casinos insure their expenses. There is no need to be afraid of this point, because in case of fulfillment of obligations, the client will not lose a single extra penny.

It should be noted that when you open a deposit, the game is played with money from this account. At the end of the round the player will be able to take the deposited amount and his winnings or balance, if luck is not on his side.

The terms and conditions of the tour junket may be standard or prescribed “for the player”. There is no need to be surprised by the special privileges for players who do not visit the gambling house for the first time. Here, as everywhere else, there are special offers for regular customers, while newcomers are looked after first.

Suppose a player has arrived at the casino on the terms of exchange 25 000, but the resulting exchange was $ 100 000. On this trip, he will enjoy only those privileges that are provided by the terms of his junkie contract. But in the future he can expect to change the terms and receive various incentives. In this matter, the gambling house managers apply an individual approach.

How to choose a junket tour?

In general, the choice of junket tour is not much different from the choice of casinos, but you will have to take into account the decency of not only the gambling establishment, but also the operator, if it is a third party. It is important to carefully study all the terms and conditions of the contract, compare them with their financial capabilities, and only then make a decision about the trip.

It is best to accept offers from a casino that has already had experience playing. And if the junket tour is planned for the first time, you should listen to the recommendations of friends-players and see feedback on the thematic forums on the network. Be vigilant, because this is about your money and security. Many operators provide high-class service. But, as in any other area where it is a question of large sums of money, in the field of gambling there are fraudsters.