Club lovers of stray money – the first U.S. junkie operator, working in this area for over 18 years, presents gaming tours abroad entirely at the expense of the casino.

The word “Junket” –

Chicago origin and the main of its meaning: an entertaining journey at the “state” account. Junket tour is a reasonable combination of travel and gaming tourism, it is designed to meet the needs of active wealthy people whose hobbies – gambling and adventure. Tourist junket travels are carried out in the most popular game centers in the world, where prestigious poker rooms and famous casinos are concentrated.

Junket gives a unique opportunity to see amazing places and show yourself, and if you are lucky, then bring home the resulting winnings. Because casino tours are usually created on the basis of a team of players – together with Pokerstars, Full Tilt Poker, Party Poker, or any other popular poker room – and the main task of its participants is to play, and therefore, to demonstrate their gaming skills. It should be clarified that the junket tour is not just a single game program. Most often, the trip is timed to coincide with an upcoming event in the city – a grand rock concert, a fascinating exhibition, an annual jazz festival. Therefore, junket is not only a gambling game in a famous casino or poker room, but also a great educational and entertaining program!

Junket is a gaming tourism, aimed at travelers who come to the country for entertainment and love to relax in the casino.

We offer you free hotel accommodation, meals, transportation or flight to and from the gambling establishment, entertainment programs and private parties, shopping demonstrations and excursions to any, even the most refined taste. For more information, browse the list of our partners and choose the best casino for your taste.

Players are welcome to join our PANCE MONEY Club, where you can get all the information and join the junkie tours.

Registered customers will regularly receive information about new destinations, upcoming tours, tournaments and other special offers.

Up to 20% refund in case your luck turns away. This allows all our customers to be fully confident in the services provided by our company.

All accommodation and air ticket expenses of players are paid by our company according to the agreement. The duration of a gaming group tour is usually about 3-4 nights. The agreement specifies the average number of bets and the time a player must spend in the casino.

There are two programs for prospective participants:
  • The opportunity to come with the operator of gaming tours.
  • The ability to come alone as a VIP guest.

Our club sends players to all countries of the world every week. If you want to get more information or just want to come to a certain country as a guest of the casino, please contact our operators on any of the phones or come to our office. The Club has a lot of offers, interesting entertainments! Rest and dream – for everyone who loves to win!